Phu Quoc Pomelo Garden Resort
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Welcome To Pomelo Garden Resort

Phu Quoc Pomelo Garden is a natural ecological resort of orchards at Ong Lang Phu Quoc, with many specialty fruits grown in the garden such as Coconut, Papaya, Grapefruit, Banana...

We have served fruits, drinks from fruits that are harvested at the garden. The area also has many fish ponds to serve tourists fishing and resort at the resort.

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Resort rooms
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Our water shop located right at the resort's swimming pool. We offers drinks for visitors in the
resort and outside travelers. We serve all alcoholic beverages such as wine, beer, cocktail ... non-
alcoholic drinks such as: Mocktail, juice, smoothy. We also have fruits from the garden such as
grapefruit, orange, coconut ... to serve customers at the service counter.
Our bar is designed in open space, very airy and suitable for guests who need to take a rest, work
and relaxation in Phu Quoc.

Pomelo Restaurant

Pomelo Restaurant offers European and Asian dishes. We have serve buffet for guests staying at
the Pomelo garden resort.

Beautiful Scenery of Phu Quoc Pomelo Garden
Some beautiful scene introduction to you of Phu Quoc Pomelo Garden
Established in 1944 - Price's Seafood Restaurant is an authentic "Maryland" Crab House and Seafood Restaurant.

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